About Keyboard Dance

keyboard dancingHi, I would like to introduce my self, my name is Adwin and i am the owner of
http://www.kompani.net. I am a young guy who interested on Internet and programming. Here is my another blog, about dancing on your keyboard. I am not going to learn how to do salsa or hip hop or Irish or other dancing  styles. But I will write about how your hand dance on the keyboard. Keyboard dancing means programming as well. When you type in code or doing something with your text editor, you can see your finger start dancing on the keyboard. When i was kid, I love to see people typing and wonder how they type so fast. It is fun to see their finger dancing on the keyboard. Sometimes, I still wonder to some people who could type very fast and love to see how they type, especially when they type using just text editor. I love to see on how they plays the shorcut, key combination, etc. That’s why I love to use term keyboard dance on this blog.

I hope you can enjoy my blog and I wish  you get benefit from my learning experience on doing something with text editor (like VIM) or coding.

best regards,



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