Posted by: Adwin | December 18, 2007

How to Install Rails From Standalone Package (zip or tar.gz)

How to install Ruby On Rails  Without Connecting to Internet.

I always got a problem since my notebook are not connected to internet and in my office, the internet admin use proxy server for connected to internet. Well… before 2.x I was downloading alll the required gems to install / update new rails. Some websites told me to install proxy server … but i couldnt find any proxy server (it wasnot on the sourceforge anymore) A life without internet is very painfull lol …

well .. today i found an easy way to install Ruby On Rails with just downloading the stand alone packages. Here are the steps: (I assume you have Ruby and Ruby Gem installed already).Rails 2.x use rake 0.73

  • Download the Stand Alone Packages (in Zip or Tar.Gz packages).
  • Extract it on your directory
  • You will have the directory contains many folder. Look at the vendor folder. It is where all you need to do installation 🙂
  • There are some packages, like activesupport, activerecord, and railties (it is the rails core) etc. In each folder, you can see the pck folder. Inside the pck is hidden gem that you need for installation. Copy all the gems into a folder (let say it is temp folder)
  • type in command windows: gems install rails -l (parameter -l means install localy). The gems will install the dependencies … and just wait it to be done. DONE !!!

You can also install one by one by compiling the install.rb but i have not tried it, it would be easier to install using Gem instead compile one by one 😉



  1. tnx for your blog!
    i cant seem to install using gem install rails –include-dependencies…
    i tried adding our server here in the office but maybe because of our really slow connection, gem cannot connect =).
    cant wait to try out Rails!

  2. Ryan,
    try to use the latest version of Ruby Gem

    once you have it, just collect all the rails gems into one directory. after that simply type :

     gem install rails -l 

    I ever got the same problem, so i update my ruby gem first. try it 😉

  3. I’ve downloaded the .gem package from RubyForge.
    Is it the same procedure?
    Do you know if it’ll install all the dependencies?

    And how do I specify where the Gem is? Just run the “gem” command in the right folder?

    Thanks a lot!

  4. @Rafa
    Gem is same with Zip file.. it just renamed to .gem.

    you can open it with any zip software (winzip, winrar, unzip, etc) and you can look at the files inside. find the file metadata.tar.gz

    and open it .. inside you can see metadata file and when you open it with text editor you can find dependencies requirement and download that requirements if you want to install offline version.

    example from metadata file
    - none
    - !ruby/object:Gem::Dependency 
      name: activesupport
      version_requirements: !ruby/object:Gem::Version::Requirement 
        - - "="
          - !ruby/object:Gem::Version 
            version: 1.4.3

    it means you need activesupport version 1.4.3 before you install this gem.

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