Posted by: Adwin | September 27, 2007

Crossroad: Which way ?

CrossroadI have read this opinion from Derek Sivers who turn back to PHP after doing some code rewrite using Rails for about 2 years (He was writing the by himself for about 6 years and it has about 90k lines of code). He also work with some Rails expert todo this project.

When i googling about, and I found an email from Derek Sivers who announce that he was going to rewrite the entire using ruby on rails (ror).

I think, they gonna do rewrite but using their old database tables (they have 95 tables) which is not using Rails’ naming convention. So, they got obstacle in there. I ever tried the same thing before, I was going to make web interface for my application, but I got difficulty because i wont change my database the table name. After that I choose JSF (Visual Web Pack) to make web interface 🙂

I still wrote the code using PHP for money and still learning ROR (still stuck on Partial lol). I am also still learning doing stuff with cakephp as well… So I will focusing my live just on that 2 framework.

I love ruby on rails for its agile and especially for its activerecord and migration script. It is wonderfull for me. I love to do code with Rails as well.. but I think i need to do some research about that before I made it as one of my main “red shoes” 🙂


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